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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the old. girl or the old. 0. 0 this is the news hour on al-jazeera fully back to bill in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. 3 people killed and many more wounded as on thai government protests intensify across iraq. donald trump's defense team denounces what they call pietschmann charges a day before the u.s. president's trial begins in the senate also this hour china confirms human to human transmission of a new viral outbreak meaning it could spread further fast. hello
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i'm maryam namazie in london with the top stories from europe including the rich and powerful begin to descend on dallas for the world economic forum and the climate crisis is top of the agenda and i've had a similar dispute over the concerns it's rain which hampers the opening day of the australian open for the court under the roof to framing. the lights the crow. thank you very much for joining us 2 iraqi protesters have been killed in baghdad where security forces used tear gas and live ammunition another has died in the central city of karbala further south demonstrators try to cut off the main highway to the oil rich province of basra we'll be live to baghdad in just a moment but 1st this report from a man caught. in one of the main squares in central baghdad police and protesters
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confront each other it again in the early hours of monday as protesters tried to block the road leading to the square they want a change of government and accuse the current one of corruption a cool had gone out to protesters to block main roads in baghdad a major highways in the south cutting off access. police use live ammunition and fight a gas in attempt to disperse the crowds in the capital but a standoff sued lost in several i was angry iraqis determined to get the message across. the idea isn't just blocking the roads all the people here often straighted so we make noise here to make sure that we are heard about to show them the days do you want to move for months no one has listened to our demands they're killing us it's just bloodshed. throughout the day took took 3 wheelers have been ferrying take us victims to makeshift hospitals like this one. i went to tyrone square in baghdad and the people wanted me to help them i was also attacked
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by tear gas i fell down the security forces have been using tear gas and live ammunition to iraq's national security council has authorized the arrest of protesters but so far that's had little impact on the movement there wasn't the same level of violence elsewhere in the country as the wars in baghdad and the roadblocks in the south the protest is considered a success the real question for the protest movement is where do you go from here once you started blocking off roads in the south of the country effectively cutting off the self from the rest of the country where do you escalate your demands of being listened to and that's really i'm going the protest movement now it really remains to be seen whether the blockade of the roads is going to work and whether the government will listen as a result of it. al-jazeera baghdad and i speak to one of our correspondents in baghdad now been jabot osama it's night time now just bring us up to speed with the latest for us as far as casualties after today's demonstrations. hopefully until
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a few hours ago we saw protests defiance. completely under to all of the violence we saw those 3 wheelers pulling bins to words the front lines as they call them they've set up barricades and they're telling everyone that they're not going to leave until their demands are met this is the 1st night that we're seeing them coming out in force again after weeks of. protests especially after the tensions flared up between the united states and iran and ahead of a planned rally by government parties as well protestors have been facing tear gas rubber coated bullets and some have been saying that live missions of be used through the day we've been they've been sending us videos graphic videos of the wounds of how people have been killed how people have been wounded at these 2 bodies we've seen be solve one funeral happening in their own square as we were
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there and protesters are saying that the government is back to its tactics as it was using before but it is not going to make them stop one protesters one protester told us that he has been coming here since october the 1st and he's been going to continue to come there until the government either meets the protesters demands which are provide them jobs better facilities health care make sure that the people who ruling them have integrity and honesty and nobody who is be who will be nominated by the government should be part of the political elite because they think everybody who's part of the iraqi government and opposition parties is corrupt and the protesters are some have been trying to block roads to the south what impact is that having and what's likely to happen next given the government hasn't responded to the protests as demands. well at least 9 people have been arrested for doing just that in baghdad 14 policemen have been injured so it has been a very tough day for all sides because the protesters said that they are going to
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make sure that the government hears them and it is evident that the people living in not just baghdad but across the country have felt the same size and scale of these protests specially in the south where many areas there was a provincial day off people could not go to work many people had been stranded for hours on these highways which will go out and that is that is what the protesters want to tell the government that they are one the government to take notice they say the government has been procrastination in the gulf they did manage to remove the government right now iraq is being ruled by an interim government but they say that is not enough it has been weeks since they have heard the government come up with names that would they want and they have been rejecting the names that the government has been putting forward it is going by the looks of it going to escalate protests have been calling others to come and join them telling people who were there that they will not be deterred by this they're 'd going to hold their
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positions to make sure that 480 or people who died and more than 25000 people who have been wounded did not do all of that and bring thank you for that update osama bin javid life for a sane baghdad. in other world news u.s. president defense team says impeachment case against him is flimsy and that the whole process has been rigged they're laying out their arguments on the eve of his trial beginning in the u.s. senate on tuesday the democratic party controlled house of representatives approved 2 articles of impeachment against month he's accused of abusing the power of his office by trying to force ukraine's leader to investigate a political rival and also of obstructing congress's investigation as house correspondent kimberly live in washington for a 2nd tell us more about the president's defense team's arguments for us. yes sources close to the president's defense team and working with the president's
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defense team of told al-jazeera that essentially they feel that this is a charade that this is only the 1st time that the president will have the opportunity to present his case in the senate trial which isn't entirely true there were some opportunities though not many in the house inquiry still this is something that the argument is that is being presented by the legal defense team of the president the other big news to come out of that briefing that was held with reporters in the last hour or so with that the argument that democrats have been making than they expect to make towards the president in the senate trial that essentially he abused his power when he asked the the leader of ukraine the lenski to look into interference in the 2016 u.s. election they say this was not an abuse of power because it was looking into the past not looking towards the 2020 u.s. election so these are some of the arguments as part of a broader attack strategy that we expect from the defense team for president trump
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they say the charges are invalid that he has committed no crime and essentially when it comes to calling of witnesses they also say that the president's likely to invoke executive privilege particularly when it comes to the former national security adviser john bolton and that would end up putting this into the courts which would take a very long time to resolve so it's already looking potentially messy democrats for their part say look at this is a concern he is abused his presidential powers and well this is not expressly outlined in the u.s. constitution the spirit of the u.s. constitution certainly makes this amount to high crimes and misdemeanors so the trial begins tomorrow in the senate tomorrow tuesday how was it going to look like what are we expecting to happen. we're expecting that this is going to run every day except sunday we're expecting that the arguments could run for 6 hours a day which is going to make this rather unwieldy at times we also know that the
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house managers the 7 house managers from the house of representatives will be acting like the prosecutors in this case they're working out who will argue which aspects of the case they've just done their walk through through the senate mapping out where they will stand and they're also pushing for new evidence because they say since the house inquiry new evidence has come to light including the pronouncement by the government accountability office that that withholding of military aid by the trumpet ministration to your crane was illegal so they are pushing very hard for all of these aspects to be argued as well as new witnesses but in terms of the rules of how this will be conductive we won't know until that's voted on on tuesday when this essentially all kicks off and more looking forward to it of course can be held at live for us in washington d.c. . and the spread of a new virus appears to be accelerating in asia china's helpful forty's have not confirmed that this been human to human transmission the corona virus has killed 3
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people since 1st being detected in the chinese city of han it has since spread to 3 other chinese cities including beijing shanghai and shenzhen neon kong $270.00 new cases have been confirmed and it's also spreading internationally south korea's centers for disease control and prevention has now reported its 1st case a chinese woman who flew into incheon city from one han on sunday has been quarantined that follows one case being confirmed in japan early in january and 2 in thailand 6 days ago chinese president xi jinping says the virus must be resolutely contained katrina you has a report from beijing. stafford hospital are working around the clock to identify a mystery virus which has been linked to star's severe acute respiratory syndrome at least 3 people have died and the number of those confirmed have the virus is growing the chinese officials say the outbreak is under control. all the identified
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new cases have been a bent it to a visit native hospital and we have concentrated resources experts to treat patients in one place sheba. the virus which causes pneumonia like symptoms originated in a woman seafood in meat market cases have been confirmed in beijing and shenzhen and found in chinese visitors japan thailand and south korea this week marks the official beginning of china's busiest travel season hundreds of millions are using public transit ahead of chinese new year celebrations checks are being conducted in railway stations and airports but what hasn't been is the growing concern about the spread of the virus people here are looking to the gun world to do more to keep them safe but god i don't think the government is doing enough because i'm just not here enough details about it i don't think they will give us the true number of those infected i'm worried and that's why i wear a mask when i'm out others say they trust the government's handling of the virus i
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believe the government to would give us past and accurate information i think they're more worried than the public they were have to figure out how to deal with it so i'm not worried but the outbreak is bringing back an easing memories of the 2003 sauce outbreak which killed almost 800 people worldwide and left more than 8000 sick authorities initially withheld information about the epidemic leading some to question the chinese government's transparency around the new virus british researchers say they could be as many as 7100 cases the world health organization has sent a research team to work on for us to fully otherwise the extent of human to human transmission we need to collect more and more information so this is obviously the new diseases and so many things we still don't know videos are circulating on chinese social media of passengers being tested on flights for move on but the government has appealed to the public to remain calm 8 people were arrested earlier this month for spreading rumors about the outbreak online but preventing the spread
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of the virus may not be as straightforward as controlling the spread of information katrina you al-jazeera beijing. and ukraine says it's dealing with the outbreak of a bird flu virus its 1st in nearly 3 years the h 5 bird flu was detected on a farm in the central west where about $5000.00 birds have died the highly pathogenic virus usually spread by wild birds has also hit farms elsewhere in eastern europe. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including. this is a politically motivated bit tight and it is an orchestrated attack africa's richest woman speaks to raja's there are responding to allegations she ripped off on going to enrich her sound. crass confrontations at the mexico mexico southern border as thousands of migrants seek entry on their way to the united states and why the chiefs fans are getting shirty ahead of their 1st super bowl in 15 years be to have
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more in sports. first european union foreign ministers of agree to look at ways to support a formal cease fire in libya if the warring sides can move beyond a tentative trolls this could include a monitoring mission and the revival of a naval operation dr hold a u.n. arms embargo foreign powers agreed at a summit in burning on sunday to shore up the shaky truce warroad 24 have tar has been fighting to take over libya from the un recognize government based in tripoli . the charges. it would have been by this whole to come to. the cops. where the best of the sitting to present to consume concrete proposals will hold to implement this cease fire yet
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a new force in the un symbolical i hope that these will be ready for the next footing of fish council but in the meantime we have to pass from a truce. to a real cease fire. in an exclusive interview with al jazeera the leader of libya's un recognized government says he is hope for the conference marks a real opportunity for progress towards peace. because we are cautiously optimistic about the berlin summit simply because we have had previous meetings and understandings but we were not met by a genuine political partner on the contrary we were met with malice and treachery along the way now all have come to realize that there is no military solution to the crisis in libya despite the fact that haftar and his forces do not believe in diplomacy nor
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a political process we hope that half stars allies and supporters have also come to this conclusion and would recalculate their moves in order to revive this political process the berlin solution has introduced 3 main courses of action military political and economic progress must be achieved on all these 3 fronts simultaneously in order to arrive to a comprehensive solution in libya the core problem is the negative intervention by foreign forces with them and live to our correspondent in tripoli. the warring sides in libya not as optimistic in it seems as world leaders about a political settlement. will definitely fully because the question now is whether or not these rival leaders can really rein in the armed groups and their local allies on the ground because we have been noticing sporadic fighting over the past couple of days by both. fighting or
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warring factions on the ground and the government military sources say that they have 3 covered 6 dead the bodies of civilian victims they say that they were killed by house to his forces you know the citadel neighborhood in southern tripoli but now as they're. a conference conclusions. i've been trying to pave the way for a peaceful settlement to this conflict military commanders on the ground say that or at least seem to be determined to continue fighting here in tripoli n.o.c. the national oil corporation has declared what is called a source merger or that's a kind of procedure to protect itself against any legal obligations given the fact that it has long time contracts with their international oil companies that this step has been taken by the n.o.c.
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after house to us forces bloop blockaded the major oil terminals in the east of the country and now here in the west in the camp led by prime minister saraj the idea is that we have to do is using this as a tool to put pressure on the government of national called to have to says to the distribute the oil revenues. seems to be totally against this step as pressuring the tool to force the government to redistribute the oil if it is so large or the government on a show called in on the country says that the goal to all libyan people and now we're getting here news from the sales of libya that to measure the oil fields have been also blocked by. protesters in the south of the country and this is going to cause a dramatic drastically decrees in the oil revenues which are the backbone of
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libya's national income fully ok mahmoud thank you very much for that update mom would have done well had live for us in tripoli now the 50th world economic forum is getting under way and climate is top of the agenda to my they now for more from my european broadcast santa maria. yeah that's right it might be the 50th anniversary but the mood is unlikely to be a celebratory one given the gravity of the problems and challenges the world will try to tackle in the picturesque swiss mountains and ahead of opening speeches there's already been a stark warning from the international monetary fund calling for urgent action after it was revealed that for the 1st time environmental concerns are dominating the top 5 long term global risks for business leaders investors and policymakers the i.m.f. chief economist also called for more multilateral cooperation and also issued a warning about trade wars the countries need to cooperate in multifold frons to
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raise growth and spread prosperity the need to reverse protectionist trade measures a result of the impasse over the world trade organizations appellate court they must adopt strategies to limit the rise in temperatures of the severe consequences the weather related natural disasters the new international taxation regime is needed to adapt to the growing digital economy and to curtail tax avoidance and evasion while ensuring that all countries receive their fair share of tax revenues . meanwhile hundreds of climate activists marching across witsel and to davos to demand that world leaders do more to tackle climate change the activists is spent 3 days marching from in the swiss alps to the alpine village security in davos is obviously been beefed up as it is every year ahead of their arrival with $5000.00 troops placed on standby demonstrators argue those attending the summit a largely responsible for the climate crisis and they are demanding that companies
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immediately invest away from fossil fuels and that the world economy be restructured to better protect the planet. well i'm joined now in the studio by andrew scott he's director of the climate and energy program at the overseas development institute so obviously you will be watching very closely and we know that it's taking place this year against the backdrop of bushfires hurricanes and rising sea levels is it your feeling that the participants at the world economic forum really grasp the extent of this crisis i think the governments and business leaders at davos know what needs to be done. but i'm not sure that. their discussions at davos will lead to any meaningful change in any of that the environment climate risks of being in the top list of risks with the world economic forum's a new review for several years ago. but emissions keep going up so the extent to
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which davos is making much difference is is questionable i think the real question is whether even whether davos could enable change to take place at the rate but it is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change given that this is all taking place so we've had very dramatic climate events do you think that we might have reached a tipping point in terms of what investors businesses and governments are prepared to do you know we see these dramatic pictures from australia and from other parts of the world as well could we see a greater commitment to more stringent emissions targets. i think governments are are being asked to increase the a mission for the u n f triple c. conference at the end of this year many businesses and governments have already made strong commitments but we're still not seeing the reduction in emissions why
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is that i think it's partly because governments need to set the right policy frameworks in place the right tuxes regulations standards to incentivize businesses many businesses do some do take action without government control microsoft for instance recently announced they were going to go carbon negative but many others require governments to take the action to increase. the the emission emission reductions and incentivize companies to take those actions there are many things companies can do in their supply chains to reduce their own emissions to do reduce their suppliers emissions they also need to make value chains more climate resilient resilient to the. fires and floods it is a little there's a great deal to be done we know that businesses in the c.e.o.'s of these not large multi not natural multinational corporations will be attending the world economic forum is going to be a key part of all of this the most and really the most anticipated session is going
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to be president donald trump who will give an address what are your expectations i'm really not sure what president trump is likely to say but the phrase climate change would be no most phrase normal grafter within the american government for the last 3 years so whether there's going to be a substantial change of heart or i really don't know one thing the flu donald trump could do is actually remove his room withdrawal from the paris agreement and have the u.s. continue to support the piracy agreement. so possibly a reversal of that position would be the 1st time that we've seen him do that thank you very much andrew scott your thoughts on the story and to coincide with the summit in davos oxfam has released research which suggests a vast amount of the world's wealth is in the hands of just a few people or a poor confirming that there are just over $2000.20 billionaires and they own more wealth than 60 percent of the world's population around
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$4600000000.00 other people the report has a special focus on unpaid work by women and girls and says they put in more than 12000000000 hours of unpaid work a day often as family care as. well max lawson is head of policy on inequality at oxfam and says that globally distributed listening to ordinary people and not 1000000000 as in davus. i think we're looking at 2 crises in this so closely and that's what the message that we want to get across today that you have across is an economic inequality would be tiny group of people just 2000 people honing more wealth than the bottom 4600000000 so there's incredible amounts of money in this secret swiss bank accounts a 1000000000 but then also drawing attention to the past where our economy is sexist so the majority of these britain has a man the majority of them are white and their wealth is built on the backs of
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hundreds of millions of the poorest women who are working long hours for barry lopez sometimes not for any potable and that this sexist economy is feuding the inequality that we see in the world today of every billionaire is a policy failure by governments we don't need to have billionaires we should have a much fairer world where wealth is more fairly distributed governments can implement much better taxation for instance we have a situation where billionaires in some countries are paying lower taxes than the working close and so there are lots of things that can be done to fix inequality as being better in the past and it could be better in the future so a clear message for us today is that inequality is a choice and it's the choice of leaders and the choosing to listen to billionaires in davos is that of listening to ordinary people protesting on the streets just a couple other stories we're following frances to send an extra 220 trips to fight . president emanuel macron said he had agreed to create a joint command structure with states to fight the guy insurgency there speaking
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after a summit with leaders of those states that grant said we have no choice we need results france already has about 4 and a half 1000 troops already operating in a volatile region. and the mothers of srebrenica have lodged a complaint with the european court of human rights against the netherlands a complaint alleges that the dutch government failed to protect men and boys within a un safe zone that it had been guarding cheering the shrubbery it's a massacre in bosnia in 1905 last year the dutch supreme court upheld a ruling that the state was partially responsible for $350.00 deaths in the massacre killings were undertaken by bosnian serb forces who murdered more than 8000 muslim men and boys cheering yugoslavia's civil war. i'll be back in about half an hour's time with more from london for you now to follow it down miami thank you very much and still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour nations across the americas known for new ways to fight on groups accusing cuba and venezuela of being
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part of the problem and it's a go then double as america turns on the side of the brain to youth and then big speech as the action is coming up baited to say. hello get welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across much of the middle east we are watching one weather system it's anchored over chirpy and with it we're going to be seeing some widespread rain even some snow in some of those higher elevations not just for turkey but down here across parts of iraq as well as into iran notice a trend here as we go towards tuesday a lot of expanding rain across much of the region kuwait not looking too bad here on tuesday but look what happens as we go towards wednesday really expanding rain showers across much of iraq into iran as well as some snow in that higher
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elevations so we'll be watching this care very carefully possibly localized flooding could be a problem for baghdad though those temperatures coming down with the rain we do expect to see starting at 20 here on tuesday rain continuing as we go towards thursday a much better day but a cool day as well here across the northwestern part of africa it is going to be the clouds it's going to be the rain and in the alice mountains it's going to be some snow as well here's the air of low pressure we are talking about very stagnant system that has brought a lot of rain to parts of the i.b.m. peninsula but we are going to see some isolated showers here for algiers over towards tunis as well as we go towards wednesday we're going to be seeing a lot of that begin to dissipate but over towards morocco we could be seeing some coastal showers as well but it is going to be a rainy day at 15 degrees. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how libraries influence the
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course of history the celt did not get enough credit for ending up but if you want to be the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest icon in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up partite in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on i'll just see. they join one of the world's most notorious groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now it's. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women the daughters of a. part of the radicalized. tunnel jazeera. they're
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watching the news hour on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories 3 iraqi protesters have been killed a security forces used tear gas and live ammunition 2 were killed in baghdad and a 3rd in karbala many more people are injured the anti-government demonstrations reignited last week after a brief lull us present donald trump's legal team has filed a legal arguments ahead of his impeachment trial which begins in the senate on tuesday the white house calls the charges flimsy and accuses democrats of diluting the standards of impeachment. and china has confirmed to human transmission of a new coronavirus that south korea has become the 3rd asian country to confirm its 1st case of the virus that originated from china numbers have tripled and 3 people
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have died since it was 1st detected in the chinese cities of. africa's richest woman has denied allegations that she stole hundreds of millions of dollars from angola's government to benefit her own business dealings the international consortium of investigative journalists obtained papers which. ses implicate isabel dos santos nicola gage has a story. she's facing allegations of fraud and corruption the daughter of angola's former president is a builder santos is at the center of an investigation now claiming she siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars of government money to offshore accounts thank you for speaking to al-jazeera she called the corruption probe and all could straight attack against her saying her wealth is self-made and she hasn't done anything wrong this is a very concentrated attack it is an attack that has been very very well coordinated
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is an attack that is very much where did it between foreign media that is acting together with the angle of 30 is to try and create a false perception of my business. her father show say what i just sent us wrong done kolo for almost 40 years until 27 tane the international consortium of investigative journalists detained papers which it says shows he gave his daughter big chunks of some of the country's most valuable resources as she built a business empire that stretched from telecommunications to banking and construction prosecutors froze her bank accounts and assets last month our investigation which took 8 months and more than 100 journalists to complete found dos santos aided by her sort of qadri of western advisors funneled hundreds of millions of dollars and offshore shell companies and from there into all kinds of
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assets including luxury homes and big businesses before being forced out by her father's successor to run so is a builder santos headed angola's national oil company sonnen goal but the new government suspended some of her projects and seized an estimated $1000000000.00. s. worth of assets in a corruption dry last month her half brother shows a filamentous went on trial for corruption he's pleaded not guilty and goal is rich in oil and diamonds but it remains one of the world's poorest countries with a staggering wealth gap the i.c.i. jay also accuses angolan government officials as well as western financial firms lawyers and accountants of helping isabel to santos stash away public funds the portuguese authorities are possibly investigating and other governments around the
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globe are likely to take a closer look at some of the money that's for their financial systems despite her legal troubles to sentosa remains defiant she's even considering running for president next election in 2022 gauge al-jazeera and here's more of is about to start us as interview with my colleague gary navigator in which she questions where the leaks against her originate it is documents were given by a very small heiress outfit so there's a very small parents are going to lead by 4 people who went away to leverage those documents and when you actually read the documents themselves there's not a single one of the boy next to these false allegations let me give you an example the actual report is sloppy it says things like i mean my company 7 landed fictions we've never done any land evictions to anyone and us so this is blatantly false and
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what concerns me is that. right. to fixing your furniture was in the documents it's in relation to the foot developments what says that you did force the election of local angolans from from that it was a moment that you were building on what i well know showing i wonder. well it thaws that's what i'm saying there was no line of action and it's fast and yes a.j. received our intermediation we clearly stated that the route that they're talking about was going to be built in the water so the war it's like it's a reclaimed project you have to clean land from the sea ok so in let's look at another i guess i know what it was expected so this is the problem the end here and you have refused all right this is what worries me refused to put to good in their report i responds i less now speak to ricardo acosta who is the publisher of the espresso weekly newspaper in court portugal and part of the consortium of investigative journalist his live from lisbon thank you so much for speaking to us
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on knowledge is there so much to unpack here after is about a scientist as response she says for a she is a victim of a highly coordinated political attack from angolan authorities and foreign media what's your response to that. no she's a victim of 1st self because what she's the world for the last 2 years was mainly wrongdoing she's an important businessmen mostly and all that but also in portugal and in other countries and the single is the force and she amassed for the last 1015 years was or national interests or for the people of the drug use or says. states contracts and so on and i think the biggest problem was when she was named by your father to be sort of goals c.e.o. sort of goal is the most important. goal in company it's responsible for
9:39 pm
15 percent of the g.d.p. of the country for 90 percent of the exports when she went to the top of the facade and all she decided to have a difficult structure with all these consultancy companies you know lawyers and she created an offshore empire and she you know she. rooted huge amounts of money is mainly to do by ok so obviously the accusations are not new against is about a sentence what i want to find out more from you is you know these documents that you've reviewed a trove of documents where did they come from they were reviewed by the i.c.i. j 771-5000 financial and business records emails charts and or stand she said in our interview with us at the documents were given to you by a very small paris outfit for people and that in fact there's nothing in them that
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points to the allegations made against or how well the documents that you received reviewed and what sort of investigative work was carried out to make sure that the allegations made in them were not indeed fault as she claims. i think there are allegations allegations of his about the census they are mainly part of a p.r. movement she made on the last 3 weeks with i think 7 or 8 interviews to portuguese media and international media. and she it was a kind of a preventive movement because she knew that was releasing on these sending all these investigative reports based on 'd this trove of documents they were the one other than 20 journalists were working for the last 6 months but these documents were viewed and reviewed by all these journalists they were studied all the questions were posed to us and all the news that came out from yesterday very kind of the arguments over the line of the documents team.
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you need to ask that question to us yeah because we knew we know that the documents are led legit to maids they are true and they can found our stories so there's no problem with the origin is the kind of stupid question you pose in these like the questions that everybody made about leaks penname of papers and someone the question is not who are the source we know 'd the source is the sources are reliable we can go and i'm libeled in the documents are important for economical basis. is maybe and also texts problem so these know. we are making our journalist works after the judicial authorities. must decide if there's anything to do after that ok she claims another
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claim she made is that our company didn't force any land evictions in angola and that in fact the i.c.i. j. refused to put her response in their report. refused to what they refused to put her response apparently she wanted to respond to these allegations but they refused to include in their response she wrote no no all the responses she gave to the a.j. were on the on the. journalistic this is all around the world. and also an interview that she gave to b.b.c. africa was on air so she spoke to everybody on the on the last 3 weeks and ok she answered. both by the written response and also to live on camera 2. 100 let me just ask you one last question because we're running out of time unfortunately what about the role of foreign governments and western financial firms that's mentioned in this report to what extent are they complicit and do you
9:43 pm
really expect an investigation to go ahead against them in portugal where you are for instance i don't know if there's going to be an every citizen in portugal what we know is she was invited to davos starting tomorrow the world economic forum and she is not invited anymore and the prize for the royal scoop or sets this morning it's not going to work more with this what everybody knows it's what's going to happen all these consultants companies lawyers and people from davos and so on trying their backs on. does not work with her anymore if there is any kind of investigation i don't know we need to wait and see ok thank you so much for talking to us ricardo ricardo costa is the publisher of the espresso weekly newspaper in portugal he was live there from lisbon thank you for your time and. now hundreds of refugees and migrants from central america have waded across or braver
9:44 pm
a from guatemala into mexico some fighting with waiting security forces it's a new challenge for the mexican president's efforts to contain migration at the bidding of the tramp administration the malls the one juror in migron save they grew impatient i'd being denied entry to mexico as a try to reach the us that speak to our john holeman who's in sue died he doll go on the got to mount a mexico border his on the phone tell us about what's been happening there i understand some pretty 10 scenes yes and for some 20 harrowing things well actually we spent much too far and he agreed family of them on the mother and the 2 young children as they tried to work out how to begin again to make sure they actually wanted to get here for asylum she said that she can tell the kids are going to guatemala some of the home do or intend to miss florence. trying to feed all the food they simply don't think is a very good enough food in their home not for everyone and she said this in the
9:45 pm
bridge to the bridge between guatemala chapters about the dow good and sound makes you 3. say that you had to be in a position to the mexican government. you do post food of them to get the government to pump isn't possible or not that most everyone thank you reynolds to which down to the roots of the troops only about. what you did and then came up on the make and so i expect you're probably saying it to the base of the money and the national guard. militarized police threw it away to the mention of god and we didn't use any move on and sort of been trying to piece it back we did shoot we still some songs are not going there was a lot of confusion the family was we were following them up for one point yes so young so 1 she then found them and it's a bit late and then at the end the bits i think
9:46 pm
a lot of people went back more gracious gets on this side where we are around that a lot of people get through to cool going into the place intimate some people write for me to be written in the end where the migration if issues get sort of the courage to tell them that they are trying to seek asylum and i know i'm sitting outside of a medical clinic where young company has been taken to check that there are kind of the good bits he got to fool with to tell me to begin again. thank you john heilemann on the line there from the guatemala mexico border. u.s. secretary of state says his country will do more to support venezuela's opposition leader one why deal after meeting him on the sidelines of a regional conference in colombia is also spoken alongside colombia's president even dukie about how nations in the americas can better coordinate efforts against on groups they accuse venezuela's president nicolas maduro and his allies in cuba
9:47 pm
of sheltering fight is live. in bogota so tell us more for us alexandra about the regional corporation and what the message from this conference is. as we are speaking the. leader of the opposition to president. holding up press conference and he's once again talking to the country that has been firmly at the center of the accusations of. the secretary of state of the united states mike bell the host country here of course we're talking of course the venezuelan government president. failed states responsible for the biggest humanitarian crisis that the western hemisphere seen in many many decades where more than 5000000 venezuelans that have left the country
9:48 pm
given the ever increasing your konami crisis there and as you were saying in your introduction a lot of the accusations were thrown out. for sheltering groups or organizations that the u.s. and other countries in the region consider terrorists like the. last active rebel group here in colombia this is the end of the former. and. it's dollar. here the leader of the venezuelan opposition has brought what he called every day and the president. it's sympathizers in. that he said are participating in drug trafficking and. extraction of gold in the country which they're using together complicit with the government. to enrich their getting stations thank you alison. forests in bogota.
9:49 pm
i had in sport tennis action from day one of the australian open including the moment when one play and broke the nets stay with us.
9:50 pm
for. the thousands of people have gathered in the u.s. state of virginia to protest against her poses for tougher gun laws ahead of the ronnie virginia's governor issued a state of emergency citing threats of violence by hate groups the state legislature is considering
9:51 pm
a range of new gun controls up to 12 people were killed in a mass shooting last year. time to catch up now and supports his speech to 40 thank you very much for rain rather than bushfire smoke disrupt today one of the uses 1st tennis grand slam but thanks to the roof at the australian open there was that a fair bit of action in melbourne on monday as david stokes reports. so we know williams might have needed extra time to talk his shoelaces but she took next to no time to win the 1st set of her match against anastasio part of poker 6 love in just 19 minutes. gave me i didn't hang about in the 2nd set either dropping just 3 games on the way to a comfortable when the 7 time australian open champion just happy to be out on court nearby bushfires had bought the build up to the tournament but rainy weather although disruptive has at least improved air quality. that is still
9:52 pm
a concern for think pretty much everyone in you know every single day we get updates so that's been really good to see that the australian open take their stance on that defending champion amy osaka was also in action and like serena showed off her power game sometimes a bit too much power. this serve in the 2nd set actually ended up breaking the net but after a quick patch up job by the officials or soccer went on to wrap up her 1st round match against marie was koda in straight sets. after which the japanese star responded to a woman on twitter who unprovoked had heckled her calling her boring and annoying more all of her children thing he's going to come on the internet for no reason in doing team i always wonder people like this if they see you in person and wonder what they would do another rising star of the game is 15 year old american coco golf for the 2nd time in a grand slam the youngest player in the tournament beat the oldest 39 year old
9:53 pm
venus williams golf won in straight sets and heads through to the 2nd round but have. 1st australian open top seed and home favorite ashley barty made a shaky start to her campaign losing the 1st set against lacy a serene coach but she's top of the world rankings for a reason i'm recovered brilliantly to win the next 2 sets 6161 to storm into round 2. in the men's draw defending champion novak djokovic also dropped a set in his match against young ended stroke but he came through in 4 to stay on track for a record extending 8 australian open title roger federer is chasing talk old number 7 in melbourne and grand slam number 21 be to me safely into the next round the swiss breezing through his opening match against american steve johnson david stokes al-jazeera. the kansas city chiefs have reached the super bowl for the 1st time in 50 years they beat the tennessee titans in the a.f.c. championship game chiefs quarterback patrick by holmes threw for 3 touchdowns but
9:54 pm
this was the game's turning point he's 20 goto dash down the sidelines to run even one of these overlooking. a victory 35 to 24 points back in the big time for the 1st time since 1975 passes and the chiefs fans are wasting little time in celebrating the moment of our lifetime less than an hour after the match the a.f.c. champions t. shirts were ready in the shops and they've been flying off the shelves at the san francisco $49.00 ers fans have only had to wait 7 years since their last appearance in the super bowl they won the n.f.c. championship game against green bay with a running back ramos stood proving a lot of people wrong he was cut by 6 teams before being signed by the 49 is most leading them to a 3720 win over the packers with 4 touchdowns. yes it's crazy yeah i've been all 7 different teams actually still have. you know the
9:55 pm
cut days and i look at every every before every game when i got i did have a lot of dollars and naysayers and. you know and now i get to actually tell me look look where i'm at now you know i never gave up on my dream. brazilian teenager rainier joined spanish giants real madrid on monday for reported fee of $33000000.00 the 18 year old playmaker helped flamengo when the couple of us had orders last season rainier will join rail at the end of february of the playing in the qualifying competition for the 2020 olympics the relegation of rugby champions saracens for breaking salary cap rules in england won't temper the national team according to england head coach eddie jones 7 of the squad for the 6 nations play for the club including captain owen farrell that's not a concern for me my concern is picking the base price and then the best price come we can pay playing with pride and passion for england. it's obviously disturbing
9:56 pm
for the club competition but i'm sure like everything else it will work for them england's cricketers lead the test series in south africa after the biggest overseas victory for 9 years the tourists wrapped up the 3rd test before lunch on day 5 england winning by an innings and 53 runs with one match still to play in the series. everyone put in a share. in the making sure there were no chances came ready to take and that's so that's true that you need consistently if you want to keep improving and want to get well as a harness that and take that into our performances well like we did this week that will start to be more consistent. it's taken the u.s. team 11 days of composition to strike gold at the winter youth olympics but it was well worth the wait and it was a golden double to the lacy in park slope style course and those earned 1st up here in fagan won the men's free ski titles the success coming just 2 days off he's a team through fan that was followed by another u.s.
9:57 pm
victory in the snowboard slopestyle 16 year old dusty in ritson well in the crowds on his way to god i want to tell you something about henriksen he's from california which is hardly known for its snow but just look at him go. very impressive indeed and there was also double gold for austria's marco verger in the ski jumping competition on monday he added the mixed team title to his individual gold is all straight underlying base status as favorites for this year with a comfortable victory. that's where we'll leave it most for coming up again later. thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera as always much more news on our website at al-jazeera dot com from me fully backed by the whole team here in doha thank you very much for watching we're live from orlando news center next day with a sound i'm just here. when
9:58 pm
was the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every love billboard layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your own participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support a rushed call rod will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out to 0 when the news breaks today the current government has lost the trust of the people by god to anything because the protesters are against it when people are to be caught by floodwater the represent
9:59 pm
the lofty goals for opponents of rex it's drawing from the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground right now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring new moon row blue documentaries and life moves on air and online from the home office to navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finished or scares to the fish and dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coughing up my family to meet the man who go to the extreme just to make a living god not you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise the surf and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. the dump told stories from asia in the pacific on al jazeera.
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violent demonstrations in the iraqi capital while protesters in the south of the country block roads in an act of defiance. hello i maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program world health organization calls an emergency meeting as the chinese coronavirus jobs orders and human to human transmission is confirmed. as democrats carry out final preparations for only the 3rd in each month trial in u.s. history the white house lays out its defense of president donald trump.


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